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Maria Chua - Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succor

My family and I would like to thank Angelo de Jesus for his fast response when we contacted him on Saturday night, 20 June 2020. He provided very good advice on what needs to be done, assisted to find a prayer room at St Stephen Church for us at such a short notice. He was always there to answer our questions in a kind and calm manner. I mentioned that my mum's photo was a little damaged and he immediately provided a new one in a frame and delivered to my family at such short notice. I am amazed and thankful!

Lastly, I would also like to mention that he had a good team working with him. Thanks to him and his team!

Thank you and regards

Maria Chua


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Cathryn - Wesley Methodist Church

Good morning Nancy, a belated Thank You from my family & I for your presence & support at my mum’s wake & funeral and the service that your team at Trinity Casket has rendered to us. Blessings.🌷💕

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On behalf of our Family we wish to say A Huge Thanks to all at Trinity Casket for making my uncle's last lap a dignified & pleasant one. Really no words are enough to express our appreciation


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