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About Us

What we believe
We believe that your grief is sacred

Grief is sacred—everyone experiences it but no-one experiences it the same way. Grief is our reaction to loss. For some of us, grief arrives as a surprise visitor. For others, it is a long-expected guest. Many experience numbness, detachment and sadness. It is a door that we will all have to go through at some point.

In the 30+ years we've been operating, we know that many struggle to grieve properly because they get caught up with the logistics of arranging the funeral. But when we step in, you can let go and you can focus on remembering your loved one.

It's between you and your God and you shouldn't have to deal with logistics. We eliminate the logistics so you can focus on grieving and honouring the memory of your loved one. (read about our services here)

We believe that nobody should grieve alone

Since 1991, we have helped more than 12,000 families through their darkest nights.


There have been a rise of One-Man-Operators, mere middlemen who do not have the brand, the experience or the training needed to help you.

With Trinity Casket, you get our decades of not just arranging funerals but comforting and helping grieving families. We will go above and beyond so you can have complete peace of mind. 

We believe in doing good

Trinity Casket is not just about delivering a great service. We believe in doing good for all people. Our profits go towards mission work and helping the poor in rural Uganda, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. We have been on more than two dozen such trips and have seen tens of thousands receive the good news and help (read more here).

What you get with Trinity Casket

Peace of Mind

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Helped > 12,000 families through their darkest nights

Trusted brand Since 1991

  • Trusted partner of Singaporean Hospitals (HSA, SGH, TTSH, KKH, NUH)

  • Member of the Singapore Association of Funeral Directors

  • Won't upsell and no hidden charges


Lending a Helping Hand

And always budget friendly

  • We rely on our satisfied clients' word of mouth, so it's in our interest that you are fully satisfied, especially when it comes to budget.

  • Whether it is a 1, 3 or 5 day wake, we will tailor to your budget so that you are absolutely happy with the cost.

  • Quality assured because we have an in-house embalmer and facility and full time dedicated staff, not part time temps who have no stake in the brand

Skillful Guide

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We've been there

  • We've served both the destitute and relatives of members of parliament.

  • Experienced in repatriation if your loved one has passed away in another country.

  • Many of the decisions you will need to make have been faced by thousands others, and we will advise you on the best course of action.

Trinity Casket's Missions Involvement

Our directors Freddie and Nancy Choo are involved in missions as far as Uganda, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, China and at home.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress" ~ Letter from St. James 1:27


Because of the support from our clients, Trinity Casket is able to finance all these missions, including building of schools, orphanages, shelters for widows and destitute, churches and other community projects like building bridges and digging fresh water wells for villagers.

The Importance of Quality Embalming

Quality embalming can only be achieved by employing in-house professional Embalmers.


There are four broad objectives of quality embalming.

1) PRESERVATION - when death occurs, the physical body will start to breakdown in a process known as decomposition.  When left unattended, the body decays and soon starts to smell. Good embalming stops this decomposition process and preserves the body.

2) PREVENTION - Good and professional embalming practices ensures the body is thoroughly cleansed and sterilised so that the family, relatives and friends who attend to pay their last respects will not be exposed to any airborne or waterborne virus or bacteria.

3) PROTECTION - The embalming process will produce dangerous by-products of blood, body fluids and chemicals that are detrimental to both humans and the environment. Good and responsible embalming practices ensure that all such bio-hazardous wastes are carefully collected in approved bio - hazard containers to be disposed by a Government-approved Disposal Agent. The environment and the community are protected by not letting such wastes be released into the public waterways.

4) PRESENTATION - Good and professional embalming is not just a Science but is also an Art. After the body had been carefully preserved, it must also be well presented for all to view when they come to pay their last respect. The body must be dressed and groomed well to ensure honor, respectability and dignity that our loved ones deserve as they are laid to rest in the casket.

Here in Trinity Casket Pte Ltd you'll be assured of the highest quality of service. Make Trinity your right choice

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