BBTC & Bethesda Cathedral

Thank you so much for the personal and professional service rendered to us during our difficult period. My mum said that when her time comes to ask us to call on you again! My brothers too said you and your staff have made the whole event smooth and uncomplicated. Thank you! Thank you for coming down personally immediately after my dad passed on that night. It is comforting and a relief to talk to someone we've already met - even if it's once. God bless!


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Cathryn - Wesley Methodist Church

Good morning Nancy, a belated Thank You from my family & I for your presence & support at my mum’s wake & funeral and the service that your team at Trinity Casket has rendered to us. Blessings.🌷💕

Arthur - Anglican Church

On behalf of our Family we wish to say A Huge Thanks to all at Trinity Casket for making my uncle's last lap a dignified & pleasant one. Really no words are enough to express our appreciation